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We wager you’d be unable to discover a kitchen where there isn’t at any rate one sort of rice supplied in the wash room. Rice is cheap and simple to make, yet as a general rule it assumes a supporting job come supper time.

Why not make rice the superstar? These rice recipes plans will lift rice from its side-dish status and carry it to the focal point of the plate. We have thoughts for everything from dark colored and wild to basmati and Arborio rice. You should simply pick one and get cooking!

Tip: Don’t reveal the pot or mix the rice during cooking. On the off chance that it’s done before you’re prepared to serve it, place a collapsed towel over the pan, supplant the cover, and put in a safe spot. The towel will ingest overabundance dampness and buildup, averting overcooked and soft rice.

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These easy sides are perfect for any occassion.

This one-pot supper is incredibly versatile: Swap in shop ham or turkey for the chicken, utilize cheddar, or take a stab at mixing some solidified broccoli into the pot. These easy sides are perfect for any spot and perfect for presenting. Get the recipe to make them now!

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Healthy ‘Fried’ Rice

The most effective method to make the Best Chicken Fried Rice without a Wok and at the same time healthy! Seared rice is without a doubt the most ideal approach to change the previous evening’s scraps into a fantastic supper. You can utilize basically any new, solidified, or considerably extra vegetables for this formula, which makes it vastly versatile.

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Lemon Chicken and Rice

Mouth watering lemon chicken and rice! This curve on a great Louisiana dish meets up without object in one pot and is stacked with hot andouille chicken wiener, which includes flavor and beefs it up. Consistently you will get cooking recipe decision choice of the best plans, posts and kitchen visits.

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Bejeweled Rice

Rich healthy and nutritious bejeweled rice! Two Chinese takeout top picks — carrots, almonds and broccoli and seared rice — unite in this fast supper. On the off chance that you’d like to make the dish much simpler on yourself, don’t hesitate to swap in solidified broccoli florets.

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How to cook rice

How to cook simple rice and garnish them with lime or peppers to present them with the any cooked vegetables or gravy thing! Inclining toward a pack of solidified shrimp and a sack of solidified broccoli guarantees this one-pot feast meets up in a matter of seconds — you don’t have to defrost the shrimp before utilizing it.

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Steamed Chicken Frittata with Vegetable Rice

Yummy steamed chicken frittata with vegetable rice! This soothing rice recipe the standard unending mixing that is required and settles on preparing in the broiler! The outcomes are as yet rich, smooth, and group satisfying. This unique recipe can be prepared with the cooking recipe obtainable here!

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Texas-Style Spanish Rice

Texas style super rice recipe for the kids and can be prepared in 15 minutes! It’s insightful to make a twofold bunch of this healthy formula, as scraps pack up well for whatever snacks you requirement for the rest of the week.

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Vegetable pulao in pressure cooker! If you are looking for something easy and quick consider this thing! Cut down on pre-supper preparing time by making the wild rice for this fantastic vegan grain bowl multi day or two ahead of time. The remainder of this flavor-stuffed dish meets up right away by any stretch of the imagination.

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Lip-smacking kerala style ghee rice! This meatless goulash is intended to bolster a group, yet doesn’t falter to slice the formula down the middle on the off chance that you happen to cook for one. Simply utilize a 8×8-inch dish and shave off two or three minutes of heating time. Grab the cooking recipe in the available link!

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Southwestern Rice

Southwestern rice! A bowl of miso soup alone isn’t exactly enough for a supper, yet includes some white or dark colored rice or southwestern recipe and a poached egg, and you have one of our preferred winter comfort nourishments.

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Spicy Indian rice

Spicy Indian rice! Searching for another approach to utilize your most loved rice? Attempt this broiled rice, pressed with egg and additional greens. With the lot of spice and Indian touch this recipe will be loved by anyone and can be made over the weekend with the cooking recipe in the accessible link at this time!

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Fluffy Rice Pilaf with Curry

The most effective method to make fluffy rice with curry! Congee may be progressively customary for breakfast, yet we see no issue in transforming it into a morning meal for-supper circumstance. This rice recipe is perfect for the lunch and dinner.

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Crispy Green Rice Pilaf

This crispy green rice is an extraordinary stop ahead dinner to be prepared when you have additional time or need to drop off a dish to a sickly companion. It needs almost an hour to cook, however the superbly prepared outcomes merit the holding up time. Rich in green color and nutritious enough for the kids!

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How to Make Curd Rice

How to make curd rice? We adore a moderate cooker formula, and one that is this quick and simple to collect is bound to turn into a top choice. All you need is a couple of additional minutes toward the beginning of the day, and you can have this dish sitting tight for you after work.

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Vegan fried easy rice and can be eaten with sticks! In case you’re exhausted with the various veggie burgers out there, it’s an ideal opportunity to attempt this yummy vegan rice. We’re prepared to see their scrumptiousness spread. tasty recipe is existing in the link!

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Greek lemon rice recipe with vegetables and sprinkle of lime over the classic white rice like in this recipe! Propelled and completed with the vegetables topping and lime, this humble singed rice is stuffed with a huge amount of flavor.

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Basmati rice is another yummy thing in the list of rice and this recipe can be easily used with the vegetables gravy! One of the yummiest food you will love in the lunch and dinner!

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Thrice as nice: Yotam Ottolenghi’s rice recipes

Thrice as nice yummy rice recipe! If you are a good taste lover definitely try this one now. Make it over in the next party with the free cooking recipe in the link!

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rice bath recipe | karnataka style vegetable rice bath | rice bhath recipe

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Easy Spanish Rice in the Rice Cooker

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Tomato rice recipe How to make tomato rice

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Tomato Recipe Rice

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Perfect Cilantro Lime Rice

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Spicy vegetable egg fried rice

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 Rice Recipes (Stove Top & Rice Cooker)

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 Homemade Rice Recipe


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Garlic Butter Rice

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Orange Fish in Parchment

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Chicken biryani

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Cheeseburger Rice

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Recipe: Chicken chilli dry with fried rice

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navratan pulao recipe | navaratna pulav recipe | navratan pulav

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Easy Rice Recipes (Stove Top & Rice Cooker)


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